Ecstatic Posture Ceremony

 Ecstatic Posture at Moon 
           Ecstatic Posture Ceremony was re-discovered, researched and to this day taught at the Cuyamungue Institute of New Mexico, and by others who have contributed to that discovery( See Books and Scholars section ) of a Spirit Essence Ritual Posture Practice. Neural pathway development and emotional cleansing via our Gravitational Yoga is a benefit of our posture meditation process and activation into Ecstatic Posture Spiritual Journey experiences.
Ecstatic Posture Ceremony originated in the field of Sacred Studies of linguistic science and anthropology, studying ancient cultural artifacts in the art work at sacred sights and museums all around the world. Extensive research in combining a the artwork of ancient indigenous peoples where body postures associated with cultural practice and Spirits were derived. Then the addition of rhythmic stimulation added to the charismatic experience and discovery that led to Ecstatic Posture Ceremony workshops in Cuyamungue New Mexico. We wish to honor the late Dr Felicitas Goodman and her scientific approach to Trance and Spiritual experience with her students. Also founding researcher and scribe to Dr Goodman psychologist Belinda Gore, who’s focus intent in cultivating and carry through at Dr Goodman’s side for many years of research in Trance Posture Ceremony and who carried Dr Goodman’s teaching and institute for years  after dr Goodman left this world. Thanks to years of workshops and discovery students and trained therapists alike now use Ritual Postures for Spirit Journey work for healing experience and soul retrieval work into the world of the Spirits. When re-establishing Sacredness on life’s terms with our capacity for Nous, Emotional growth and integration of modern day problems are processed with as much compassion as possible. Spirit Journey Yoga involves the relatively simple steps  of  grounding deep Yin Yoga practice for an awakening and cleansing of neural and emotional pathways in the  body. Then a 3 part process is applied; I) Establishing sacred space a veil of protection through the use of Ceremony 2) Holding a Body Posture for a 15 minute activation meditation session. and 3) The use and focus on Sound, specifically Rhythmic Stimulation using a rattle or drum at 200 beats a minute for an exact period of 15 minutes. A belief system is not necessary in this controlled activation meditation. So Activation meditation with Ceremony, Posture and Sound stimulates the nervous system, quiets the left brain and opens neural pathways to the right brain and heart. The Essence of Ecstatic Posture or Ritual Posture Ceremony and our Spirit Journey Yoga Program. Please see books and research on same by Belinda Gore and Nick Brink, Phd. 

This Spirit Journey technology is safe and is used by therapist but we are not therapists, but Certified Yoga instructors and ceremonialist’s.

At Moon School Yoga it is considered an honor to be aware of such wisdom practices that enhance our bio-physic connections with the natural world. We would also like to  gratefully recognize the wisdom teacher Barbara Hand Clow and her teaching of Indigenous wisdom, Turtle medicine and Ceremony in her books and workshops for over 40 years. And also the research and dedication of Dr Nick Brink for his research as an author, therapist and daily practitioner.  These scholar’s consistent research and books contribute to a revolution in science, anthropology and civilizations of indigenous cultures. Thank you Gerry Clow for impressing upon us that the road high Conscious is through the body. Look into:,, 
For Discovery Moon School Yoga at the Dillsboro Inn invites you to come visit us during the week or to one our 3 day workshops as a way of introduction to Posture meditation.  

TJ Walker                        

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