Ceremony To Heal The Earth

As Innkeeper and Horticulturalist with a life long passion for things close to nature, I’ve come to live and value environmental stewardship with the alchemy of sacred space. We have created an ecotourism program at our inn that fosters an experience of enhanced healing connection with nature.
Our informal atmosphere and Spirit Yoga program is an extension of our discovery into hunter gather cultures as we practice Yoga and take a closer look at Native Americans relationship with nature spirits. Mayan elder Hunzba Men recommends a wholistic approach he calls ‘ Spirit Essence Practice ‘. To understand the sacred geometry in our bodies and the earth, ceremonial ways to Heal the Earth in the Aquarian age can be utilized quite effectively as we enter Spiritual awakening during a simultaneous Planetary crisis. Our changes must be revolutionary. We must act in saving our species and planet, to find ways to balance our lives and willingness to change, before it’s too late.
We at Moonschool at the Dillsboro Inn have discovered some of these recommended grass roots Spirit Ways. We pray to humbly passion an introduction to Royal Yoga practice and Spirit Essence Ceremony and meditations. The art of Alchemy and transformation starts with our 90 minute classes  that include warm Hatha to gravitational pulling postures for emotional cleansing. Taking  a break next the river or at a fine restaurant(within walking distance). Then an introduction into Sacred Posture meditation known as Ecstatic Posture Ceremony.
This sequence of emotional cleansing and rebirth help to integrate changes into the nueral pathways of the body and brain. Attention to sacred ceremony after Yoga helps one’s Imaginal skills. Modern medicine now confirms we have large amounts of genetic material that turn on when taking a hike in nature, exercising or doing Yoga.
The World Tree teaches us pathways to end divisiveness, integrate and be changeable. To safely walk through life enhanced by rites of passage, ritual and sacred space. Find respectful practices that observe sacred geometry in nature, build intuition and a veil of protection in our lives. With a grounding into the earth style of Yoga and Ecstatic Posture Ceremony, we find how to operate deeply and ingeniously with Body and Brain. Our goal is to help restore Sacredness to our Lifestyles and Planet.

 Be our guest at our riverfront resort and immerse yourself into our beautiful grounds, gardens and 300′ wide Tuckasegee river for some of deep healing. We have classes every Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm.  As a guest, we help you discover these sacred lands, where the Blue Ridge meets the Smoky Mountains. We are located next to the Town of Dillsboro with many dinning options. Please see ; visitdillsboro.org  , and nearby Sylva, NC. see    DiscoverJacksonNC.com and suited for transformation * Dillsboroinn.com * 

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