Ceremony To Heal The Earth

As Innkeeper and Horticulturalist with a life long passion for things close to nature, I’ve come to live and value environmental stewardship with the alchemy of sacred space. We have created such an ecotourism program at our inn and studio that fosters an experience of rebirth and enhanced healing connection with nature at the Dillsboro Inn.
Our informal atmosphere and Spirit Yoga program is an extension of years of cultivating our riverfront environment and hospitality business with a consistent discovery of hunter gather cultures and a closer look at Native Americans relationship with nature spirits and their medicine wheel. Especially a discovery of what one well known Mayan elder, Hunzba Men highly recommends we anglo’s get into, ‘ Spirit Essence Practice ‘. To understand the sacred geometry of the earth and ceremonial ways to operate with and Heal the Earth. As a student of indigenous ancient history, horticulture, anthropology and an advocate for growth management during much of my carrier, I have observed the wholesale environmental destruction of our planet and great resistance by economic and political forces to make any changes. Now, as the Aquarian age unfolds before us, at the same time many scientist’s warn of complete ecosystem collapse world wide, we are entering a phase of both Spiritual awakening and Planetary crisis management. Our biggest changes must be revolutionary in our perception to heal and act as one in saving our species and planet, to find ways to balance our lives and willingness to change before it’s too late. However the wheels and power of Capitalism of the old Industrial age are too great to make any but a few necessary changes.
Indigenous Hopi, Huna, Cherokee and Mayan elders recommend to modern man ways to adopt ‘Spirit Essence’ practices, ceremony and become more aware with an environmentally sensitive lifestyle. They speak about empathy, the World Tree and communing with the Spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms, to connect to the Cycles of the moon and Sun as ancient hunter Gatherers once did, to help turn the tide of immanent ecological and species extinction. That is a giant leap for mankind in this day and age. When most of us live in city centers and commune with media far more than the Earth Mother and her natural worlds…
We at Moonschool have discovered some of these recommended grass roots Spirit Ways. We pray to humbly pass on some of these practices, custom’s, rituals and meditations and choose to share with guests who come to our Inn in the Smoky Mountains. We practice ‘ being led by Spirit ‘ into a system we call Spirit Journey Yoga. On demand as guests arrive  during the week and weekends, a schedule recommended by Spirit, “On the Moons”. Learning to reclaim sacredness with sacred ceremony and postures at those sacred times when our nervous system is more sensitive and attuned to the Celestial photon energy of the Star Nations and our Ancestors… Transformation is more likely to happen.
  Indeed we share how and when to set Intensions on the Moons and help to have fun doing so with ecotourism opportunities all around and campfires at night. The art of Alchemy and transformation. 90 minutes of gravitational pulling postures, a break next the river or at a fine restaurant(within walking distance). Then an introduction into Sacred Posture activation meditation.
This sequence of emotional cleansing and rebirth help to integrate changes into the nueral pathways of the body and brain. Attention, Intension and Integrity and Intuition. Paying attention to the elemental kingdoms and activating with sacred ceremony helps one assimilate life and develop Imaginal skills. Indeed modern medicine finally recognize the field of epigenetic’s and physicians confirm we are hardwired with nueral pathways right down to our DNA. that we have large amounts of genetic material that turn on when taking a hike in nature, exercising, doing Spirit Yoga, or an ecstatic posture.
We can also cultivate healing through touching upon ancient ways ancestral lineage and family, referred to psychotherapist’s who use this technology as Soul Retrieval. That we can more easily open up to Spirits of the land by observing Sacred directions, meditating with herbs and Plant medicine, prcticing sacred postures on altars at sacred sights out in the natural world. That with a little effort studying history and Goddess Alchemy, we might learn the ways to develop a more feminine bicameral brain or at least find balance with more right brain creativity in an over rational, left brain world.
The ‘ Spirit Life ‘ of the World Tree teaches us pathways to end Divisiveness, integrate and be changeable. To safely walk through life enhanced by rites of passage, ritual and sacred space. Find respectful practices that observe sacred geometry in nature, build intuition and a veil of protection in our lives. With our grounding into the earth style of Yoga and Ecstatic Posture ceremony reaching for the heavens, we can operate more deeply and ingeniously finding a lifestyle guided by Spirit. Our goal is to help restore Sacredness to our Lifestyles and Planet.
              So we at Moonschool and the Dillsboro Inn have put together a series of Gentle Grounding Yoga classes and  known Spirit Journey Ceremony classes that help guests to experience a Vision Quest Initiation, stay. Perhaps a new type of ecotourism, instead of Salt Life on the Ocean, come for Spirit Life on the Tuckasegee River. We have learned these practices with years of practice and bonding to the natural Medicine ways of the World Tree. That we all can more readily bond with nature using the 1st component of Spirit Yoga being the Gravitational Pulling Postures into neural pathways for trauma release as well.
Then as per indigenous, over the course of a few days, one can begin to experience less mental chatter and divisiveness. Perhaps as any product of being connected to the Earth and Sky, the poles of the world tree for our body, mind and Spirit. We are pleased to forward the thought that this type of Vision Quest Initiation does Not include the use of drugs or phychotropic substances known to Shamanism, with all due respect. Combining Gravitational Yoga for cleanseing with deep ecology helps to reset one’s vision and imaginal skills. Herein we re-introduce  guests from city centers the science of sacredness and to enhance our Synergy with the Earth.
The Dillsboro Inn’s location is outstanding, where the Blue Ridge mountains meet the Smoky’s. Come discover the sacred sights in these Smokey Mountains and the Tuckasegee river with a Cherokee name meaning ‘little green turtle’. We pass down this Sacred Mythology medicine known as ‘ Turtle Medicine ” taught to our adopted indigenous Grandmother, Barbara Hand Clow by her Medicine Man Grandfather Gilbert Hand.

 Be our guest at our riverfront resort and immerse yourself into our beautiful grounds, gardens and 300′ wide Tuckasegee river for some of deep healing. We have a series of classes every Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 10am and 6pm and Thursday at 6pm for combination of Yoga practices and exploration of these sacred lands, where the Blue Ridge meets the Smoky mountains. We are located next to the Town of Dillsboro with many dinning options. Please see ; visitdillsboro.org  , and nearby Sylva, NC. see    DiscoverJacksonNC.com and suited for transformation * Dillsboroinn.com * 

                     Call 828-586-3898 for Reservations

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