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        In western medicine it has been taken for granted that our body’s metabolism is primarily made up of 2 basic functions,  Elimination and Assimilation. In recent years conscious consumers have seen trends in the field of wholistic health expand their awareness towards integrated medicine and more refined nutritional needs to avoid processed foods. The frontiers of natural medicine are expanding almost as fast as America’s baby boomer’s  generation in this country are aging.  This exponential growth toward nutrition, natural health, fitness and spirituality in the west reflects the increased stresses and demands of conscious people aging and coexisting in more densely populated urban cities.
Conscious choices help people cultivate their own feeling body and self esteem. We wish to bring to the fore the broad term to refer to one feminine side, or Feeling Mind, weather female or male. Then slowing down the aging process is made easier with strategy and practices that cultivate empathy for ones body and respect for boundaries of others, developing a perception of what’s referred to as Unity Consciousness. An awareness that is born out of respect for people and nature.
We are seeing a shift take place as the Picsean age ends and the Aquarian age begins. With a surge of interest in more balanced medicine practices of indigenous peoples. All the while in scientific and academic fields extraordinary leaps have accompanied by great advances in Quantum Physics and Epigenetic research( when genetic material, once considered Junk DNA, is now known to turn On and Off, due to environment causation).
         So as we are entering the Aquarian Age we are seeing revolutionary shifts in advanced fields of health merging with ancient history, example being the acceptance of the Ka body, the light body of ancient Egypt that now is verified by western science.  Advanced civilizations that have being buried due to catastrophe, earth changes and scientific and religious fundamentalism are now, more accurately being rediscovered and accepted like carbon dating is revolutionizing ancient archeology and geography.
Spiritual living and growth potential in the Aquarian Age now requires shadow work and a greater development of integrity in this Time of no time(more instant Karma). What growth potential is at our door with a certain concerted effort to clean up our lives. What awareness lie ahead in this great new age if we can do our own work to co-exist, heal our perceptions and projections….  Shadow work that can now quickly pay dividends and result in downloads of  intuition and wisdom. It makes one wonder what the big deal is about artificial intelligence, when real advances are coming in this coming great Age of Aquarius. We are Hardwired for intelligence with spiritual technology in Nature and upon this sentient being, we know as our Earth Mother. In and with our nervous system, we are haedwired for intelegence and ecstacy, in body, mind and spirit.
            Medical industry spending(18% GNP) and profits should be a wake up call out of self inflicted co-dependence with questions about sustainability and mediocre medicine.  With the current Opiate Epidemic we are witnessing a result of Decades old, below reality indulgence of Medicine for Trillions industry and cost to society and lives, a Curse.
           When we are coming into a stream of consciousness awareness hardwired for Mystery and Maginal DNA. These times they are a changing and continued investments and disbursements away from healthy lifestyle and reality will prove to be exposed and more costly now that we are in the Aquarian Age. We are fast approaching a time of vast Planetary Healing and self Awareness and instant Karma with time acceleration at the door with hooks for crooks.
            Multidimensional health and Conscious awareness for consumers of integrity and life experience don’t need the artificial highs no more.  With Quantum living at our doors as a choices for healing  yet it has been under the radar and slow to hit the streets through accepted allopathic medicine modells.
Advanced studies in natural medicine, movement and energy flow have been in existence for thousands of years but banished in the west. Vedic and Chinese medicine practices are two prime examples where old world traditional medicine and Yogic movement, many thousand years old have legitimate origins. Practical studies of  Medicine Practices have document the success of Elemental and energy relationships within layers of Mind Body Alchemy and cellular nutrition that a new-old world model have resurfaced and gained acceptance in the west, ahead of fundamental allopathic rigidity.
              The Sutras of Patangali have long been observed as a major treatise on Spiritual health that have brought specific attention to Mind / Body relationships and the inherent connections of mental and emotional disciplines for enhancing enlightened human capacity. As from many ancient Vedic lineages and indigenous world cultures, Wisdom Secrets are rising as we enter the Aquarian Age. So an older(than Hatha) classical Raja Yoga has resurfaced and the Elemental medical benefits of the Chinese model have added Quantum dimensions to Yoga practices. Without fully observing our  multidimensional natural world and Bodies, Success of quantum healing has flourished for thousands of conscious consumers in integrated medicine offices and grass roots Yoga studios and accross the United States and the World.
             Now with an expansion of Yoga into Neural Science, the concepts of Elimination and Assimilation have taken on quite a different meaning, Impacting and speading healing effecting  to what’s know in Quatum Physics, a lot more than our physical body’s Metabolism.
       Restorative and Yin Yoga techniques send deep energetic breath by giving attention and awareness to the deeper neural pathways. The 5 types of Myo Facial Sheath in the body, slowly gaining familiarity useing gravity and different depths of breath in the postures. The breath becomes a teacher within and a study work on the 5 types of pranic pathways deep into body including the subtle glands including the endocrine system that is associated with the 5 central chakras. This core emotional body work is qualified by recent discoveries in Quantum physics. Knowledge about our body’s energetic pathways and capability of turning on and off due to environmental effects, has further opened the frontiers of mutidementional healing.
           Classical Raja and Yin Yoga has long been at the forefront of more ancient Yoga techniques where quieting the body and mind was used for more effective meditation, separating the seat of sensation and reducing ‘Vritti’, mental chatter of the left brain. What Moon School Yoga practices is referred to as ‘ Clear Yoga ‘. A systematic approach and introduction for any Yin Yoga practitioner to expand ones awareness and breath into the posture initiating a more cleansing and activating Yin experience into glands and organs.
  Over 30 years ago I was introduced to and started to experience on a regular basis Gosh Lineage Yoga/Bikram Yoga with my instructor  Jimmy Barkan, of what is now called Barkan Method Hot Yoga. This is a type of Hatha that is used to get the Shakti energy up at the start of most of our classes. Then restorative experience within the 2nd half of the Barkan Method shifts into the Classical approach of both Barkan, Annuttara Raja Yoga and then is combined with a Yin practice of another teacher of the Goshe Lineage, Elaine Parker who expouses Watercourse Yin Yoga method. I have found that Accessing the nervous system, emotional body, neural pathways, Meridians, Glands and Organs has afforded a unique approach to these healing techniques reaching all the way down to the bones , releasing emotional pollution.
          Then ‘ Clear Yoga ‘ also is about Environmental education, allowing for a meditation experience that amounts to a re-bonding with Nature. Toward the end of our ‘Clear Yoga workshops I Introduce the work of a modern American Wisdom Keeper and Spiritual Grandmother, Barbara Hand Clow( In Alchemy Of 9 Demensions (and several other books we highly recommend) and since the mid 90’s Barbara has shared a Cosmological system called Alchemy of 9 Demensions, a World Tree model of Consciousness not unlike the Mythological Tree of Life seen in Avatar. Long before that Barbara and her Husband Gerry lead spiritual workshops to sacred places around the world and is an expert in ancient civilizations, medicine practices, astrology and anthropology. She has has been a pioneer who’s abilities help channel and introduce quantum physics, super-string theory and other scientific and metaphysical concepts. Alchemy of 9 Demensions introduces a cosmology system very similar to the wisdom of ancient indigenous Hunter Gather culture and mythology.
             Clear Yoga workshops ends with a meditation called the ‘ 9 D  World Tree Experience ‘. Yoga practitioners know the the benefit of quieting the left brain, rational mind. Posture Ceremony techniques then provide a boost in quantum right brain  activation. Through Ceremony, Postures and Sound, man’s Hunter Gatherer instincs can be stimulated to such an extent, a Virtual Ecstatic Cognition experience can be generated. We have found a conscious connection with a personal and Universal vertical axis to the Nature, terrestrial and celestial. An activation of Maginal and Mythological parts of the brain and DNA can be experienced. Indeed a possible Samahdi as know in Yoga.
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