A Child’s World Of The Spirits

Children so naturally listen to and hear the spirits of the Earth.  For them it is part of play.  The values they learn about life are so often taught to them through the animals they love and find in many of the books they read or are read to them, animals that become their spirit guides. But as they grow older with the pressures of society, of schools, religious institutions, and parents they are expected to give up these childish ways, ways that the adults relegate to imagination and superstition.  Yet their imagination comes from beyond the five senses, from a sixth sense, the world of the spirits.  For us as adults to survive into the new world we need to again see the world through the eyes of our children or our younger, child self, the world of the spirits.

     With the child’s natural ability to listen to the spirits, their experiences in ecstatic trance quickly lead them into this spirit world.  Though it has been very rare that a child is part of an ecstatic trance group, I have listened to their nighttime dreams, dream experiences that are alive in the spirit world, dreams that teach them so much beyond the world of separation. The world that schools teach them is that the world is a machine without life, without feelings.  The church teaches them that they have dominion over the Earth and that the Earth is there for the taking so take from it everything you can.  They learn that the Earth is without feeling and taking from her does not hurt her.  Parents are generally most concerned about the child’s future, that they are able to take care of themselves so they need to end being a child and act like a productive adult.   Through dreams, trance and child play the world around the child is alive and we need support this world of theirs for them to continue to experience the world as alive.  The Earth, our Great Mother, has so much to teach children and each of us, so we need to open ourselves to her and to listen to what she has to say.

Nicholas E. Brink, PhD Author of 

  • Ecstatic Soul Retrieval (publisher – Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.)
  • Power of Ecstatic Trance
  • Baldr’s Magic
  • Beowulf’s Ecstatic Trance Magic
  • Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers
  • Grendel and His Mother (publisher – Routledge)
  • Applying the Constructivist Approach to Cognitive Therapy: Resolving the Unconscious Past (Routledge – in press)

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