Moon School Yoga * Receive the Codes of Nature

As a Innkeeper and horticulturalist with a passion for yoga and environmental education, I have combined my business and passions to offer a Yoga workshop series based on deep yoga practice, ecotourism and deep ecology. This workshop includes a series of classes and meditations based on the benefits of gravitational postures and grounding ones attention to the Earth, while activating our central neural pathways of the body into ‘ Spirit Essence ‘ medicine ways of the indigenous peoples. Deep ecology can be exilarating with YOGA and we have positive stories of conservation possibilities with Ceremony to heal the Earth. Our location is outstanding, where the Blue Ridge mountains meet the Smokies on a whitewater river. Come play on our Tuckaseigee river with a Cherokee name meaning ‘ little green turtle ‘as we convey to you a wisdom teaching known as ‘ Turtle Medicine ‘.

Now is the time for Yoga students especially to weave the stories of our connections to nature with the ecological challenges we are facing by better understanding the ways of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. How Sacredness and bio- connection was a hunter-gatherer way and is still in our DNA, even though most of us live in city centers. Come experience the natural world with Conservation Yoga and feel how our bodies are hard-wired with the geometry of the world and that sacred customs, ceremony and practices of old can be applied to heal the Earth.

Our Planet is facing critical carrying capacity challenges due to rampant consumerism and related carbon footprint. The recent UN study of severe resource and species decline verifies that our modern ecological crisis is more imminent and dangerously on course to a 6th Extinction.

    Indigenous Hopi, Mayan, Huna and Cherokee Elders strongly suggest we look to the Codes and Cycles of Nature for greater intuition and balance and we must now receive that awareness. We are entering upon a great shift with a formula of time acceleration as the Piscean shifts to the age of Aquarius. The industrial age as we know it has to change. Our economy can no longer be leveraged upon destructive extraction industry and   development practices. We need Earth science based genius and intuition to redevelop an economy on sustainable ‘ true cost value ‘ and energy conservation principles. These are lifestyle changes that we can envision when we do a brand of Yoga that embraces conservation, as we develop the visionary skills to navigate and be inspired by the world of Spirit. The Aquarian age is at hand and so is a quantum leap in Consciousness and epigenetic skills.

In this Age, Yoga can no longer be about solely embracing physical fitness and emotional benefit, although therein is a very good start toward developing nature Imagination.

The world is currently in a shift from the Piscean  age and our journey for healing mind, body and spirit can no longer omit our Blue Planet’s ecological needs and conditions. The knowledge that Earth Mother has enormous capabilities and is a sentient Being has been overlooked since the Industrial Revolution. Earth Mother needs us to wake up! Must we now apply devotion and service with a more sophisticated but old world, ‘ Spirit Essence ‘  as per indigenous…  Sacred Attention, Intension, Integrity and Intuition of the collective We, is now necessary. Yoga practioners might better activate the coming Aquarian quantum ability to activate neural pathways, commune with nature spirits and elementals, access our akashic and ancestral fields of awareness for genius action and ideas. At this point in history, We urban horticulturalists, with our over-attention given to modern technological devices need an antidote to reclaim our bio-psychic sensibilities with self-same focused intent to a valued lifestyle with a code of conduct preciously connected to nature. The sacredness and survival of our living planet demands this of us now.                                                                                        T.J. Walker    Moonschool Yoga @ Dillsboro Inn

As Innkeepers and Yoga students, our vision at the Dillsboro Inn has been to  offer a brand of hospitality that includes ecotourism and yoga. We have developed an affordable workshop of 6 classes in 3 days. A combination of Yoga practices, fun and gardens to appreciate the river, mountains and allow for personal initiation, letting go and rebirth.

  Retreats include use of amenities at the Inn such as Hot Tub, Mineral Bath, Gem Hunting and Nightly Campfires

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