Hatha To Raja

As Innkeeper with a passion for environmental education and ecology I have combined the alchemy of location and Yoga that fosters an experience of deep cleansing, rebirth and enhanced appreciation of nature. The Dillsboro Inn introduces Anuttara Raja Yoga, a technique of gravitational pulling postures that opens neural pathways in the body and empathic sensory DNA that turn On with Yoga and being in nature. Combining Yoga with deep ecology helps to reset one’s vision and imaginal skills, as per modern medicine new found recognition of DNA and indigenous medicine teaching. Herein we re-introduce  guests from city centers the science of sacredness and to enhance our Synergy with the Earth.
The Dillsboro Inn’s location is outstanding, where the Blue Ridge mountains meet the Smoky’s. Come play on our Tuckasegee river with a Cherokee name meaning ‘little green turtle’. Here in we not only practice Yoga but also pass down wisdom medicine practice by a living indigenous Grandmother Barbara Hand Clow, known as ‘Turtle Medicine’.
As we enter the Aquarian Age our ability to connect with the our universe is being enhanced. Anuttara Raja Yoga gravitation postures helps one to begin a journey of bio-physic cleansing  into the 5 types of connective tissue and fascia sheath and 13 synovial joints in the body. Synergistically with breath  exercising an imaginal ability to cleanse emotional pollution in a multidimensional body, brain and spirit.  This Classical style of Raja Yoga and alchemy is older than Hatha Yoga and is found in the Sutras of Patangali. Developing awareness with gravity, breath and attention is a conscious effort made to develop neural pathways in body and imaginal skills of the right brain.
In this Quantum Aquarian age when we are becoming aware of epigenetic pathways of our DNA and thus the future of medicine. We believe this type of meditation leads one on the road to high consciousness. Come try Conservation Yoga and do a discovery at our unique resort. With healing time on a shoreline gardens and/or down a whitewater river and a sacred sight nearby.

 Be our guest at our riverfront resort and immerse yourself into our beautiful grounds, gardens and 300′ wide Tuckasegee river for some of deep healing. We have a series of classes every Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 10am and 6pm and Thursday at 6pm for combination of Yoga practices and exploration of these sacred lands, where the Blue Ridge meets the Smoky mountains. We are located next to the Town of Dillsboro with many dinning options. Please see ; visitdillsboro.org  , and nearby Sylva, NC. see    DiscoverJacksonNC.com and suited for transformation * Dillsboroinn.com * 

                     Call 828-586-3898 for Reservations

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